Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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Bridget's Story - Toxic Poisoning from Mercury

Krissy's Story - a product called Nopalea brought her back to health and got rid of her candida and fibromyalgia.

Linda's Experience with Alkaline Water

Alternative Proven Cure Testimonial - Traditional Chinese  Medicine (TCM)

Jennifer's Story - Forever grateful

Amy's Story - Cellular Detox Drops

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E-book now available -
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May 17, 2016
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(I just want you to know I'm not making a million dollars with this effort, so please don't badmouth me for "making a profit off sick people".  That is not my intention.  This is a small compensation for the thousands of hours I have put into answering emails every single month for 15 years.   Sorry if I'm defensive about this, I'm really quite upset at the nasty emails I have received. And it's not like I'm holding anything back, because if you want to print directly from the website, go ahead, it's free and always has been.)

$3.00 for the PDF printable summary

IMPORTANT:  This e-book does NOT contain recipes, nor the links to them.  This entails copyright issues.  Recipe links are continually changing. 
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This entire site is now available as a PDF e-book file with over 80 pages, for a nominal fee to cover the fees that Yahoo (formerly with free Geocities) now charges me because of the bandwidth this site requires, and to cover the cost of the time and effort that I put into maintaining this site, and for the many hours I spend every single day answering emails.

I have been doing this since 1995 for no charge, no profit, no commission, nothing.

I can tell by the emails that I get that many people need a hands-on document that they can refer to, read for encouragement, refer to for meal ideas, use as a motivational tool.  I have been suggesting to people for years to print my story and put into a binder, and document their own journey.  For me it has been invaluable to have a food diary whenever I have had health problems.  There is nothing like being responsible for your own health, and journaling a recovery story is a very rewarding experience.  What I did not know, however, was that my site was all over the place, and is really not in any printable form. 

So for all the people who asked me if I would write a book some day, I have done it.  What I have not done, however, is printed a book full of recipes.  I maintain that you donít need a special cookbook if you learn what is allowed on this program, and how to use those foods to prepare delicious healthy sugarless meals. See my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about why you donít need a cookbook.  God bless you all for reading my story, and I wish you well as you embark on your own road to good health. 

What you get: more than 80-page document containing all the pages of this website, including a Table of Contents, all the pages on this website, including a carb counter. 


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