Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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UPDATE, May 5, 2008
My experience with Muscle Testing

I just shared some information about muscle testing with someone who emailed me about her experience, and after writing my story out, I decided I should share this with everyone.

I can tell you lots of stories about Dr. Piller doing muscle testing on me ...

1.  Obstruction of the Bowel - NOT

I had chronic pain in my lower left side for years and years, and doctors told me it was my ovary, and maybe there was a cyst on it, and they would "keep an eye on it", etc.  The pain would start to come, get worse after a couple of days, max out to where I was in excruciating pain and extremely bloated, then I would have a good bowel movement and it was almost completely disappear.

Getting an appointment WHILE I had the pain was impossible, booking an appointment could take a week or two, and by the time I got to the doctor, the pain was long gone.

Finally I went to my doctor while I was in the midst of crucial pain - lucky to get an appointment WHILE I had the pain, because I knew eventually it would go away (after a bowel movement). 

My doctor confirmed it was not my ovary, but said it was an obstruction of the bowel, and scheduled me for all kinds of tests - ultra sound, barium enema, laparoscopy, colonoscopy.

So I drove down to Dr. Piller in a panic thinking I was dying or something...

He used biomagnetic balancing and muscle testing on me, and it took him a LLLOONNNGGG time to find out the culprit - but it turns out I had a SEVERE allergy to apples!  I quit eating apples and lo and behold I've not had that pain ever since. I cancelled all the tests, told my doctor about my experience with Dr. Piller, and she was just amazed.

2.  Interstitial Cystitis - NOT

For 2 years I complained about pain my bladder - saw 14 different doctors in Canada, had numerous urine tests done which showed no infection, finally had a cystoscopy and ultra sound, and also saw a doctor in the USA who did a horribly invasive test where he put potassium chloride into my bladder - and confirmed what another doctor had said - that I had Interstitial Cystitis.  I had asked every single one of those doctors - are you sure this can't be something I'm eating??  And was suspicious about dairy... but none of them would confirm or deny that my diet had anything to do with this consistent and recurring discomfort.

Finally, and what took me so long ... I went to see Dr. Piller and said, "my bladder has been bothering me". He said right away, "bladder? That's a food allergy.  Come on, sit down, let's find out what you're allergic to."  He opened my file and saw that I had an apple allergy - so the first thing he tested me for was citrus ... and guess what. He found it right away. I failed the citrus test.

Then he asked, "what kind of calcium are you taking?" and man, I had a lightbulb moment - my whole bladder problem had started when I went to buy my usual brand of calcium and the health food store had discontinued it, and the clerk had highly recommended this other one which he believed to be even better -and it was citrus based!  Not to mention I was putting lemon juice in my water, I live in the south in the winter and have a lemon and grapefruit tree in my yard!!

So I quit all citrus and my bladder has not bothered me since.

I'd like all 15 of those doctors to find this web page.  Modern medicine is about writing a prescription.  We who are the patients KNOW when there is something wrong with our bodies, and we TRUST our bodies to tell us that.  We want YOU, the doctors, to HELP US find what ails us, not try to "fix" the problem with a pill.  How come none of those 15 doctors - not one - asked me about my diet??? Maybe we could have figured something out together.  It took a 5 minute visit with a naturopath to find out that I have a food allergy. And 2 years of doctors appointments for nothing.

3.  Displaced Hip - NOT

One year after we returned from 5 months of dancing during our winter vacation, my left hip was hurting so badly, it felt that with every step it was rubbing bone on bone. I went to the local chiropractor. He did the typical manoeuvres – lie on my side and “crunch”, lie on my other side, “crunch”, then charged me X dollars and said “come back in a couple of days”.  I did this for about 6 weeks. I was feeling absolutely NO relief and he was not addressing the pain in my left hip specifically.

Finally after weeks of this I went to Dr. Piller. I said, “my left hip hurts.” He had me lie down on his chiropractor bench, and he used my legs as leverage to do muscle testing, while putting his free hand on various places on my body.  First, he touched my sore hip, but my extended leg stayed strong. Then he touched my right hip, still my extended leg stayed strong. He said, “it’s not coming from your hip.”  Then he touched my left knee, nothing.  Then my right, nothing. Then he touched my left ankle, nothing, then my right angkle, nothing.

Then he touched the bottom of my left foot, and whamo … my leg lost all resistance and fell.  I had no power to keep it elevated whatsoever. He said, “stand up and take your left shoe off.” I did this, then leaned forward against his desk, bent my left leg up and behind me, and he took my foot in his hands and did a quick little twist and I could feel a little bone in the arch of my foot move. It didn’t hurt, there was less feeling than cracking a knuckle.  It was over. I put my shoe on, put my foot on the floor, and walked with no pain in my left hip. That was many years ago and I’ve never had a problem since.

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