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Karen's Fajitas (or are they burritos??)

I thought I didn't like Mexican food, but recently (Spring 2000) I have been experimenting with whole wheat flour tortillas and, wow, what great flavors I have discovered.

"Que Pasa" makes whole wheat flour tortillas with no sugar and no yeast. I buy the large ones. For mini fajitas, I just use a half one.

Makes two large fajitas... adjust to your own taste...

2 large whole wheat flour tortillas, microwaved for 45 seconds on high.

Spread a little refried bean dip on half of them (if buying canned goods, read the labels for sugar content). Understand that I eat this ONCE IN A BLUE MOON so the amount of starch that I get from 1/8 cup or 1/4 cup of beans is not significant in my own diet.

Cut up 1/2 an avacado and spread little chunks over the bean dip.

Cut up a small tomato into little chunks and distribute over the rest of the stuff (always working on a half a wrap).

Saute some yellow or red or green pepper (half a large one) with a small onion, and sprinkle some taco seasoning mix in with it. I make my own taco seasoning mix (see my recipes link).

Spread the hot veggies over the other stuff.

Pour some heated salsa over the whole thing (remember you can have vinegar-containing foods if they are heated). I make my own salsa in the summer from my garden veggies (esp. zuccini). Go to the recipes page and search for "salsa". I've got some links in there.

Wrap the half with the food on it over toward the center, and keep folding until you have a long tube that will be about 2" in diameter.

I will definitely do this again. Mmmm.




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